When you allow the sound to be your medicine,

it will not only heal you,

but awaken the powers and wisdom you hold within

~ Pedestrea ~

14min 14sec

February 2021

7min 35sec

February 2021

                         2min 39sec

                       February 2021

Hathors Harmonics ~ The Infinite Ways 

"To release what pains you,

to release what stops you,

to release what hinders you,

to release what limits you,

..in any way from becoming the limitless divine being that you are...moving beyond the limitations and merging into oneness with All That Is and the infinite ways of love, compassion, peace, joy and harmony...from finite to INFINITE"

This song is to assist in bringing inner peace, harmony, forgiveness, healing and releasing past wounds, trauma, fears, and limited programming. It also assists with opening of the heart which is our gateway into higher dimensions and realities. Moving beyond the limitations brings us to an ever greater place of oneness with God and the whole universe and into a greater body,mind,and spirit unification ~ into a state of balance, wholeness and purity.

The love, wisdom, and healing that Hathors bring through sound alchemy is beyond the words, for when we are in a state of Oneness/Pure Consciousness, we realize that we are eternal and limitless. And in such a state of being, the words themselves become a limitation. 

Love is the key to pure consciousness. Listen with your heart to receive the blessings and healing from Hathor Beings. 


The Infinite Ways

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When purchasing the product, you can select between 3 options: either a​ single mp3 audio file; or a video in high quality 1080 HD resolution ~ which is a multidimensional sound and light activation that enhances and amplifies the energies of the sound; or an mp3 and video together (2files). After the payment, you will recieve the file/s in the email. Both, the audio and video are 5min 24sec long.

~ She Anachi Ena Anaya ~

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A Calling from Afar

Heavenly Chambers

Returning to Purity

Golden Spheres


Flow of Life (Drum Infused)

~ 64min ~

Divine Love 2

The Gathering of Seraphim

Welcome to Atlantis

Beyond Time and Space

Into the Heavens


First Contact (part II.)

Message for Humanity

~ 44min ~

Divine Love 

Deep in Space

Music of the Stars

Time Traveler

Dancing Ships

Angels All Around You

First Contact (part I.)

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Divine Love mp3s

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