Embrace and share the love you are being given every day,

for only God knows how much time you have here to stay,

fulfill your dreams and desires of your heart,...

In the company of those you can't stay apart.

We all have come here destined for the greatness,

seeded with love while experiencing the madness,

of this world, which we see already changing,

for the better, where we'll be exchanging,

the love and the gifts that we've been given,

to empower, to heal, and be willing,

to co-create a brighter loving future,

caring for each other and to nurture,

what we hold so close and dear,

our temples, so we never steer,

into the direction of the darkness,

but stay in place of humbleness,

no longer feeding into fears,

of those incapable of shedding tears,

when love tries to come into their hearts,

they choose to stay cold and keep us apart,

hiding the truth that we all know so well within,

them fearing that day, when we will begin,

to realize that there never was a separation,

between us and God and the whole creation.

It was just them playing their fake operations,

trying to feed us lies and enforce limitations.

But know, that soon the day will come,

when we all stand united and overcome,

any evil, any struggles on our way,

breaking away from shuckles that kept us astray.

When the stillness of the night comes in,

and you see the ships above you hovering,

you get the feeling of a place called HOME,

and even though you sometimes feel alone,

somehow you know your family is here,

even when you see no one standing near,

but as you feel the shift in the air take place,

you know they are here from outer space,

they come to comfort their STAR SEED child,

telling her this will only take a while,

before they will again reunite,

in love and peace, which is here sometimes hard to find.

And then off they go and they bless her in her missions,

while continuously sending her telepathic transmissions,

for the earthly endeavours that are to take place,

for which she's been trained on ships and outer space.

Follow your heart to the places you have never been,

as the great treasures await you when you look within,

unlocking the keys to your ancient wisdom,...

entering the gates of the Divine Kingdom,

finding the true essence and purpose of your soul,

feeling as beeing born again and as a whole.

See the love in others as they will do in you,

know what you feel inside is the truth,

believe in yourself and in others around you,

and know that Divine Love always surrounds you.

 Pouring love into all the hearts,

into each and every body part,

flowing like the rivers,

clean as the mirrors,

waking and connecting all the souls,

brothers and sisters of this world,

feeling love like never before,

sharing with each other even more.

We are all eternal as our love should always be,

Striving to live in peace and everlasting harmony,

Let's create a world that will be an inspiration,

for those souls near their incarnation,

so they, too will be in admiration,

willing to continue with more magical creation.

A world of abundance for all the souls on Earth,

with the help of God and Gaia...let's bring it forth.

When the love will start flowing through your hearts,

will you be able to find your beloved counterparts,

the more accepting and loving shall you become,

the less barriers will you need to overcome.

Once again, will you be reunited with your Divine half,

And from that moment will you never want to be apart,

When you'll see into each other's soul through the eyes,

you will begin to feel the real Divine paradise.

And so don't loose hope, as there's always love for everyone,

but first, seek love within, that you desire to feel from the ONE